A Geeky Halloween!

Written by: Joe Button | 07th Nov 2011
You know if someone still doesn't have a Halloween costume if towards the end of October, you see some frantic-looking people in costume stores grabbing purple wigs, president masks, fangs, red colour dye and of course, trying on naughty nurse outfits that are tiny but stretch like no tomorrow (it's allowed - it's the one day of the year where you can be scantily dressed and no one is allowed to call you any dirty names).

We have noticed however that in the last few years, it's become a bit taboo to just be Wonder Woman, a French maid, a sexy bunny, Spiderman, Hercules etc - everyone now knows you have the potential to be hot stuff. Instead, there's been a dramatic shift towards creative home-made costumes that are bound to bring out a laugh! We especially love the ones where people are embracing their inner geek. Take a look at some of our favourite geek (maybe not so chic) Halloween costumes.

Steve Urkel - Family Matters

Marty McFly
- Back to the Future

George-Michael Bluth
- Arrested Development

- Superbad

Dwight Schrute
- The Office

Hope you all had a fun week of Halloween!

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