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Daniel Craig's Suits: Top 5 James Bond Looks

Posted by Joe Button on

James Bond has been captivating worldwide audiences since 1953 and 6 actors have portrayed the British Secret Service agent on the silver screen. Everyone’s got their personal favorite Bond but it’s hard not to admit that the latest, Daniel Craig, was Bond at his sexiest. The blonde, blue-eyed 5’10 actor bulked up for the role and we’re sure glad he did. From his rippling 6-pack to his perfectly tailored suits, Daniel Craig has wowed viewers since his debut in Casino Royale.

We get many customers who request the “Daniel Craig tuxedo” so we’re going to breakdown a few of our favorite looks and how you can achieve them.

1. Let’s start chronologically with Casino Royale. Craig wears a black, one button, peak lapel tuxedo. Scratch that- he wears a perfectly tailored black tuxedo. Seriously, he is the poster child (man) for tailoring. A suit that fits like a glove will make a man look his absolute best. Daniel Craig is proof of that: one look and you believed he was James Bond.

2. Keeping the one-button tuxedo, Craig rocked a midnight blue, shawl lapel Tom Ford tux in Quantum of Solace. Added details of a diamond cut bow tie and a white linen pocket square to finish off the look. We love the wider satin shawl lapel and satin sleeve cuffs as it shows that Daniel Craig really is today’s modern James Bond.

3. Tom Ford does it again in Skyfall, styling Craig in a dark navy, small herringbone single-button tuxedo. The contrasting black satin shawl lapel and diamond tuxedo studs makes this look extra special. Still classic but more modern, this is our favorite James Bond look.

4. The first image that comes to mind when you think “James Bond” is undoubtedly a tuxedo. We agree, but we want to give a shout-out to Daniel Craig wearing a fitted polo. This timeless shirt is rarely worn as it should be: snug but not too snug. As you can see below, Craig is neither swimming in it nor squeezing into it. It’s taut around his chest and arms but loose in the waist and stomach. Perfection.

5. And last but certainly not least, Craig shows men how to wear an age and body appropriate bathing suit. Touché, Bond, touché.

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