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One Shirt Multiple Ways

Posted by Joe Button on

Women often say "I don't wear a shirt because I don't work in an office". We understand this point and think it's valid, but if you walk down the street, you'll notice that it's not just female office workers who are latching onto the shirt trend. Celebrities are even ditching the ball gowns for shirts at big events like major film premieres because it's classic, classy and it makes the statement that you don't have to bare a ridiculous amount of skin to look amazing! The other thing about a shirt is that it's supremely versatile and your whole look can be completely transformed depending on how you wear the shirt and what you pair it with. Take a look at the below:

British style icon Alexa Chung has been spotted in shirts galore over the years. Here she is in a white shirt with a contrasting black collar. She's paired it with a long blazer and black shorts, finishing off this monochromatic look with a pair of black and white white pumps.

Here she is again in the same shirt, this time tied up to show off just the right amount of skin - enough for you to direct your attention there and definitely not too much that you're thinking... trash. She's paired it with a lace skirt - mixing and matching with different textures - and finished it off with a pair of flat sandals, overall creating a fun and flirty outfit compared to the one above.

Here's the socialite / New York Fashionista Olivia Palermo looking very lady-like in her white shirt with black buttons, an above the knee leather skirt and black blazer.

Here she is again in the same shirt, this time leaving it untucked with an oversized boyfriend blazer and loose tie. This is again, completely different from the prim and proper look she was going for in the first picture but of course, not really looking like a dude with those cute leopard print pumps.

The secret to rocking a shirt is that you need to dispel the 80s belief that shirts for women can only be worn under ridiculous shoulder padded blazers. Instead, you need to mix and match, take advantage of its versatility and have a bit of fun with this most simple wardrobe staple.

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