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How to Suit Up for a Beach Wedding - The Groom's Guide

Posted by Joe Button on

Nothing says relaxed romance like the sound of waves crashing and sand beneath your guests’ toes. For couples that decide to say “I-Do” beachfront, rigid wedding norms can be thrown out the window in favor of a more bohemian feel. Brides have the flexibility of going vintage, short, lacey, flower headdress accessories…you get the idea. But what should the groom wear? Assuming your hubby-to-be isn’t set on the idea of being married in his favorite pair of swim trunks, there are a couple of great options to achieve a classy, relaxed, beachside groomsman.

Some brides will choose to have a beach setting but still keep the wedding and reception more formal. For black tie weddings, opt for “white tie.” What’s that you ask? Basically, it’s a white tuxedo jacket over black tuxedo trousers. The white jacket feels a bit less formal than standard black or midnight blue. Plus, white is always more forgiving in the summer sun. If you go the white tie route it’s important not to skimp on material or fit. White can easily look cheap so lean towards off-white, ivory or cream wools. As far as style of jacket, shawl collar is your best bet to achieve casual class.

Your next less formal option is going cotton or gabardine. Cotton is very breathable and absorbs excess moisture. Picking cotton instead of wool will also help you achieve a more relaxed feel. Ditch the tie and go for a fun pocket square. Have fun with this fabric!

Finally, for those who say “I-do” with their toes in the ocean, our pick is a linen suit. This is the ultimate beach vibe and because linen is made from flax fiber it dissipates heat like no other fabric. One of our grooms recently got married in a full linen suit whilst his groomsmen were casually dressed in matching linen pants and a fitted white shirt. (see picture below). You do have to be wary as linen wrinkles very easily. Keep a steamer close by to ensure picture perfection.

It’s important to mention fit in this post. When guests and grooms hear beach wedding they automatically imagine more loose-fitted clothing. While it’s true that casual attire is more comfortable, going up a few sizes and looking like a slob is not the solution. As always, a great tailored fit will be essential to looking your best.

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