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Suits: Tailored vs Hire

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Here at Joe Button we believe that fit is everything. So whenever we get clients who are curious about the difference between hiring off the rack versus the benefits of tailoring, we are a bit surprised. For those who still need convincing, let’s cover the basics of tailoring versus hiring a suit.

The Pros of Hiring a Suit


The main benefit of hiring a suit is cost. Most rental stores have large selections of sizes and styles so there is no wait for construction. If you are hiring for a major occasion, most stores recommend reserving at least two months in advance just to be safe. Pricing will range from $200-$500 depending on brand and style.


The suit is already made and no alterations can be made so this eliminates any wait.

The Cons of Hiring a Suit

The Look

Hired suits are made to fit the “average” man and thus will look more average than a tailored suit. You may be disappointed by the options in the store because they usually aren’t updated with today’s trends. Hired suits are also laundered more often and the suit ends up looking tired and worn. That being said, laundered is still much better than smelling the last owner’s night out!


Many hired suits need to be returned the day after the rental period which can be a major hassle for some people, especially if you’re jetting off on your honeymoon. Obviously there are ways around this but it’s something to consider.

The Pros of Tailoring a Suit

Groom and Groomsmen all wearing custom Montana three-piece suits


Imagine putting on a suit that was made to fit you to perfection. No extra fabric, no baggy shoulders or sleeves covering up your new blinged-out watch. A well-tailored suit will fit you like a glove and your added confidence is worth the price.


Speaking of price, did we mention that nowadays you can get custom-fitted suits for only $550? And we’ve made it extremely easy! Joe Button suits start at $550 and everything from fabric, style, and colour can be customised. Plus, if after the first fitting your suit still needs some tweaking we offer an additional round of complimentary alterations. 


Custom-made suits and clothing are known for their handmade excellence that understandably takes some time. We’ve cut that time down to a three-week turnaround.


Obviously a custom-made suit is yours to keep! Assuming you don’t pick a baby blue fabric, you can re-wear the suit for the next twenty years. Totally worth the investment.

The Cons of Tailoring a Suit

Hmm… we can’t think of any at the moment! Seriously though, a well-fitted suit will change your mind about the way all of your clothes should fit. If you have any questions or would like to take a look at our fabric range or find out more about the process, make an obligation-free consultation at one of our showrooms were you can speak to one of our trained stylists about all your suiting needs - whatever they may be!

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