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Top Women Celebrity Suit Styles

Posted by Joe Button on

While normally associated with men, tuxedos and suits on women are becoming more and more of a trend and we absolutely love it! Women have taken the traditional suit and shown it can be worn in a myriad of ways - from casual to bold. With the added benefits of hair, makeup and fierce accessories, women have taken the suit to another level. Before you let your mind go to an image of Anne Hathaway at the Oscars (although she did rock a pretty awesome suit) we’ve compiled a few different suit styles that will change the way you think.

Mix 'n' match

We love a well-fitted suit blazer, especially when it’s paired with an unconventional trouser. Leather is definitely in this season so why not throw a monochrome blazer on top to give yourself flattering proportions. Or, take a page from Emma Stone’s book and rock a textured satin blazer with an accessorised pant leg. We love the added embellishments to her look.


Pairing shorts with a suit blazer may seem like a total departure from the classic suit look, but as every fashionista knows, the risk can be worth the reward. Shown below in two ways, celebs illustrate the power of the short. Rachel Bilson embraces two trends, pairing an oversized short with a gorgeous gold metallic blazer. The black leather belt and monochrome accessories help keep this look more dressed up. Note her understated hair and makeup; she’s letting the clothes speak for themselves and we love what they’re saying!

Is Rachel’s oversized gold metallic look a little too extreme for you? Let’s breakdown this more conventional approach to shorts. Here, Gwyneth Paltrow is rocking a perfectly tailored grey and white striped blazer with matching shorts.The shorts are hitting the upper thigh and are slim fit. By keeping the accessories minimal, the tailored style of the blazer is really accentuated in this look.


Suits are a great way to showcase a print. Although a head-to-toe print may seem daunting at first, find one you love and can confidently rock. Rachel Zoe is the epitome of cool-chic in this wide pant plaid suit and oversized fur vest. A one-button blazer and flared pant leg add a bit of edge to this look. The tweed fabric gives this suit texture and elegance, and the wide plaid keeps it looking young.

Alexa Chung is a known suit-lover and we’ve seen her rock many noteworthy looks. But this grey plaid suit with silk ankle embellishments stole our hearts. It’s a mix of conventional and modern and we love how the blazer makes you take a double look. With black lapels and matching plaid pockets, this heather grey blazer is certainly one of a kind. The mid-length silk finishes to the pant are regal and help elongate her body.


There’s nothing wrong with rocking a classic suit silhouette. It’s trendy to play into the masculine look but we think it’s important to add some feminine touches. Leighton Meester definitely fits that rule; a suit, cropped trousers and loosely tied tie is a blend of both worlds. By shortening the trouser it allows you to have a better view of her pair of towering pumps that adds femininity to this suit.

Blake Lively definitely femme’s up this suit. She wore a one-button blazer with flap-front pockets and a notch lapel, as well as a pair of tapered cropped pants. Underneath her blazer, Blake wore a black scoop-neck sweater tank. The colour and the tailoring on this number made it a definite head turner not to mention it fits her like a glove. Beautiful!

Finally, we want to highlight the use of sheer tops under suits to add a feminine touch. Chloe Sevingy’s all-white suit is totally androgynous but by adding a sheer white dress shirt, she takes it up a notch. And her Moby Dick book clutch? Added personal accessories make the ensemble!

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