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Custom Wedding Outfits for Men 2019: Trends

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As a groom, you want to look dashing and be admired on your wedding day. It might be hard to pick a wedding outfit for men, especially if you don’t know much about the differences in styles or trends of groom suits. If you need some tips on choosing the best men’s wedding suit, we’ve rounded up some of the trending looks of 2019. Though the options are endless for men’s suits, it’s clear that the suit trends of 2019 are all about making a statement. 

Joe Button groom in a light blue suit

Joe Button groom in an on-trend custom-made powder blue suit

But, here’s the catch. It’s all well and good to be rocking a big, bold and beautiful suit. The challenge is owning it, as if the suit and the style was made for you - nobody else could pull it off. That’s where custom suiting comes into play. A statement suit will swallow you up and leave you the worse for wear, if it doesn’t fit. If you’ve gone to all the effort of finding the best suit for your wedding, but it drapes off your body like a sack or is too tight to dance in without risking an embarrassing fashion mishap, then you’ve wasted your time and money. Sure, you might still look good in an off-the-rack suit, but a well-fitted suit will make you look stunning. A custom wedding suit will work with you to hide your flaws and highlight your best, giving you that extra 10%.

Why else should you go custom? Because a unique suit means… it won’t be hanging about in your average menswear store. That mint green suit of your dreams? It’s most likely not going to be found by sifting through the racks. Going custom opens you to a plethora of fabric colours, textures and patterns. What if you find the colour, but hate the style, the buttons or the lapel? With a custom suit, you won’t be limited by predetermined style options. Go for a broad, peak lapel, and make it even more eye-catching with a satin finish. Seize the (wedding) day and try one of these suit trends, to set you apart from the rest and make it clear who’s meant to be shining the brightest (after the bride, of course).

1. Soft Colours for an Unapologetically Confident Look

Navy and grey suits are classic for a reason - they look good on almost anyone. What that means is, that there’s going to be a lot of navy and grey suits at your wedding. Set yourself apart by choosing a soft- or pastel-coloured suit, such as lavender, sage, powder blue or a blushing pink. It’s elegant, yet emanates self-assurance.

Light pink men's groom suit for weddings

Groom in a blush suit with matching brown checkered vest | M&J Photography

Light blue men's groom suit for weddings

Groom in an elegant pastel blue suit | M&J Photography

Mint green men's groom suit for weddings

Groom in a seersucker striped mint green suit | Nancy Ray Photography

2. Double-Breasted Suit or Vest for the Fashion-Savvy

The double-breasted suit has shed its image as a stuffy, dated look from the 70s and 80s. Updated by sleek tailoring, it’s been fully embraced by the fashion-conscious for its silhouette-flattering appeal and sense of elegance.

The double-breasted vest or waistcoat is also making a resurgence. Ever since David Beckham stole the spotlight at the Royal Wedding last year, double-breasted vests have been inspiring stylish men to wear them at their weddings too. Though a double-breasted vest was traditionally reserved for the highly traditional morning dress, it’s been given a fresh new life with less formal suits too. Turn it into a key piece by contrasting it with a monochrome suit and shirt. 

David Beckham wearing a double-breasted vest at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

David Beckham wearing a double-breasted vest at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Vintage-look tweed windowpane double-breasted vest and suit for weddings

Vintage-look tweed windowpane double-breasted vest and suitBelle & Beau Photography

Stylish double-breasted navy tuxedo for grooms weddings

Stylish double-breasted navy tuxedo | Love & You Studios

Groom in beige double-breasted suit

Groom in a contemporary beige double-breasted suit

Double-breasted light blue grooms suit for weddings

On-trend double-breasted light blue suit

3. Eye-Catching Playful Patterns

A wedding is one of the few chances to rock a suit you’d never dare to wear otherwise. Get in on the eye-catching fun by choosing a boldly patterned statement piece, whether that be a tie, shirt or even your jacket. By mixing and matching patterns in several colours, you’ll pop with style. 

Groom in blue chambray suit

Muted chambray suit with an adventurous rose-covered shirt Hailey Howard

Groom in a blue striped suit with pink chevron bow tie

Groom in a blue striped suit with pink chevron bow tie | David Newkirk Photography

Groom in pale pink suit with blue checkered shirt and polka dot tie

Groom in a pale pink suit with blue checkered shirt and polka dot tieCassandra Farley Photo

White grooms suit with black and white checkered shirt and bow tie

Groom in a white suit with black and white checkered shirt and polka dot bow tie Ozzy Garcia

Pink checkered suit for grooms weddings

Groom in a vibrant pink checkered suit with matching floral bow tie

4. Go Velvet For a Dazzling Look

Velvet is promising to be huge for 2019. Make a big statement, and go with an entire velvet jacket, or keep it subtle with shoes or accessories (velvet slippers, anyone?). This luxe fabric evokes romance and elegance, and can look equally dazzling as an all-black or wine-red ensemble, or more dressed down with chinos or jeans.

Maroon velvet suit for grooms weddings

Groom in a plush maroon velvet suit | Kytography

Groom in blue velvet suit and jeans

Groom keeping it casual with a velvet suit jacket and grey jeans Jen Huang

Groom in brown velvet suit jacket and jeans

Groom in a supple brown velvet suit jacket and blue jeans | Shannon Skloss Photography

Groom wearing a midnight blue velvet bow tie

Not sold on the idea of an entire suit or jacket in velvet? A velvet bow tie is a subtle but sophisticated point-of-difference. | Brushfire Photography

Your wedding day is special, and what’s more fitting (pun-intended) than a one-of-a-kind tailor-made suit? For grooms who are fashion-conscious yet care about attention to detail, a custom suit is the perfect way to express your individuality and style. Visit one of our showrooms in Melbourne or Sydney, and make yourself the best-dressed at your wedding. 

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