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What to wear to the Melbourne Cup: The Men's Guide

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Melbourne Cup races men's fashion and outfits

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is the most prestigious racing event in Australia, where the most iconic fashion is displayed. If you’re wondering what men should wear to the races, don’t stress! Dress codes are pretty relaxed for general admission goers, so looking your best is all about having fun. Keep in mind though, that each race day has its own distinct style, so you’ll still need to look the part. Get inspired and discover fresh ideas from our style guide to create a look guaranteed to win.

What to wear to Derby Day

Derby Day is the most prestigious of the four race days, and thus most glamorous. The dress code is monochrome, with a black and white palette, to inspire classic racing elegance. Traditionally, morning suits and top hats were worn by gentlemen attending Derby Day. Embrace tradition by wearing a perfectly-fitted black suit, or put a modern spin on things. Think grayscale and 256 shades of gray. Monochromatic separates such as a light gray suit with a charcoal waistcoat and black and white striped tie is an effortless way to impress. Play with different prints and materials, such as grey tweed trousers paired with black large check blazer.

Derby Day men's outfits

What to wear to Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day is the most thrilling day of racing. This is the day for drama, and your best opportunity to make a strong fashion statement. To match the grand anticipation and splendor of the day, flaunt an exotic and even outrageous outfit. It’s not mandatory to suit up, so instead play with separates. Mix and match blazers with trousers or chinos. Employ a carefully executed clash of textures with combinations of wool, cotton, linen or silk. Experiment with different colours, prints and patterns. A word of caution though - avoid shiny fabrics, loud prints and combinations that are overly jarring. Focus on a block base, and build from there. 

On the other hand, you can choose to keep the suit classic but use eye-catching accessories. A bold tie balanced with a softer shirt is a nice twist. If a large swathe of colour is not for you, try using cheeky pops of colour through pocket squares, socks and ties. 

Melbourne Cup men's fashion

What to wear to Oaks Day

Oaks Day, also known as Ladies Day, is all about beauty, femininity, style and grace. It’s a chance for men to embrace their softer side, and channel the romantic aesthetic. Emphasise your masculinity by bringing in subtle femininity through soft muted colours, florals and whimsical prints. Keep things light, fresh and fun. Try pairing a light grey or cream suit with a white or light blue shirt, and finish with a pastel pink tie. Be inspired by the official flower of Oaks Day, the pink rose, and if in doubt, think pink.

Oak's Day men's fashion

What to wear to Stakes Day

Stakes Day is the finale to the Melbourne Cup Carnival, with a more relaxed feel that’s the perfect opportunity to have fun with your outfits and accessories. Stakes Day is a family friendly day out, so keep things a little more casual and comfortable, though still stylish. A light and bright blazer paired with chinos and a tan leather shoe will look effortlessly chic. A striped seersucker suit is the perfect accompaniment to sunny days. For an even more relaxed wrinkled look, try a cream linen ensemble. To pull off the casual suit look though, you need a well-tailored suit that fits you impeccably. Have your suits made-to-measure, and you’ll be winning from the start.

Stake's Day men's fashion

Whether you choose to make the ultimate fashion statement or opt for a more relaxed style, just be yourself. Feeling relaxed, stylish and comfortable is the key to shining on the race-track. A little tip: a tailored suit that fits both you and your individuality is an easy way to win at fashion. At Joe Button, we’ll create that trophy-winning suit for racegoers in the mood to experiment with a bold new look, or help you stand out in a classic outfit with a few unexpected touches. So get ready for the Melbourne Cup races by booking a fitting today. 

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