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Why Your Next Suit Should Be Tailor-Made

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a man getting a custom-made tailored suit

A man in a custom-tailored suit is a man who knows he deserves to look good. He has self respect and the confidence to take control and exert his own will on the world (even if only with his dress sense). It’s not just about the looks, though. A custom-tailored suit offers so many benefits, we see no reason why your next suit shouldn’t be a tailor-made one.

1. The Perfect Fit

A critical element behind the image-boosting abilities of a custom suit is the fit. Your suit is designed to your body shape, size and posture. A well-fitted suit flatters your figure by hiding the flaws and highlighting the best. By considering your proportionality, a custom suit looks well-balanced and pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, an off-the-rack suit churned out from a factory was designed for the cookie-cutter man. Unless your body fits the fashion industry’s conception of “average”, it’s unlikely an off-the-rack suit will fit you well. 

off-the-rack suits are often ill-fitting and make you look sloppy

In this example, the man on the right is wearing an overly large suit. He looks sloppy and shorter than he truly is. The man on the left is wearing a suit jacket that’s too small for him. It looks unprofessional and highlights his not-so-slim waistline. 

a tailored suit elongates your frame and makes you look good

A tailored suit, however, will elongate your frame and make you look much more polished.

As everybody is unique, only a similarly unique suit that’s made to fit just one person will show you in your best light.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Quality is one of the most important advantages of custom clothing. However, be aware that you don’t always get what you pay for. The men’s custom-tailoring industry is not a new one, and there is a lot to sift through to find a company that stands out for balancing quality and value. At Joe Button our custom-made suits are designed with quality at the forefront, without the inflated prices. Construction quality, such as refusing to use anything less than  half-canvassing, means that, well-looked after, your garments will last. Moreover, canvassed suits will adapt to your body shape over time, looking better and better with age.

Quality fabrics are a given in a high-end suit. Look for high-calibre wool such as 100% Australian merino along with equally high-quality linen, cotton and cashmere. Fabrics from well-renowned Italian mills command a higher price, but their luxurious look and feel is often worth it.

3. Your Style and Personality

With a custom suit, you don’t have to fit your personality into a mold that was dictated by the fashion industry. Don’t be fooled by brands that demand exorbitant prices just to stamp their name on a piece of clothing. Express your personal brand by crafting the suit to your own tastes and preferences. You’ll be able to select from a myriad of fabrics ranging in colour, texture, weave and pattern. Everything from lapels and linings to buttons and pockets can be customised.

With so many endless options, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. When you visit a  Joe Button showroom in Melbourne or Sydney, a style consultant will be there to guide you along the journey, and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

show off your personality with a custom-made suit

Express yourself! You’re unique, so your suit should be too.

4. Save money

Although the up-front cost of a custom-tailored suit may be more than one bought off-the-rack, you'll most likely save more money in the long run. High quality construction and fabrics ensure that your suit will have a longer life span. Cheap suits are less durable and quickly show their age, meaning you’re constantly replacing them.

You also won’t need to pay for your suit to altered, since it’s made to fit perfectly. The cheap suit you bought may not be such the bargain you thought it was, when the alteration fees stack up.

5. Save time

Here’s the situation: You want a suit. You walk into a menswear store and see a staggering amount of suits lined up on racks. They’re so densely packed the colours blend and merge into one another, forming an amorphous mass of material. You comb through the suits and pick out a few that seem ok. You try them on one-by-one, but none of them strikes your fancy. You walk out and walk into another menswear store, beginning the cycle again.

suits on a rack at a typical menswear store

What if the perfect suit just appeared in front of you? Well, at Joe Button, that’s not quite how it happens, but after a relaxing and leisurely time designing your suit, all you need to do is wait three to four weeks for your perfect suit to arrive, saving you the hassle, head-ache and waste of time from browsing various stores only to purchase an ill-fitting suit. 

So what are you waiting for?  Give custom-suiting a try, and never look back. You'll look better, be more confident and have a fuller wallet.

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