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What to wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by Joe Button on

Today we're doing the first post in a new "What to wear to..." series so that our readers are appropriately dressed for all the festivities of the holiday season and well, just life in general.

So it's that time of the year again when we stuff our faces with turkey (personal preference for turducken), stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoe pies, cranberry jelly, creamed corn and the list goes on - but what is the appropriate dress code for Thanksgiving dinner? The answer to that depends entirely on the type of household that's hosting your dinner.

The we're here to impress Thanksgiving

Go for the button-down shirt + wool vest / wool blazer look. You don't want to look like you're going to work so make sure that either your shirt is patterned or if you're wearing a solid shirt, that you add something fun (like a bowtie) to your outfit. Don't forget that a suit jacket is not a replacement for a blazer!

Grandma's Thanksgiving

You may not care what you wear around your parents but the extended family who only get to see you once a year don't want to see you in your college sweatpants and favorite t-shirt with holes. Try going for a light colored solid shirt, cardigan, brown leather belt and chinos so that it's casual but not casual enough to be your pyjamas.

In front of the TV watching football Thanksgiving

Yes, no one cares how you look because everyone's in a state of food coma or football madness and yes, your pants might be too tight but everyone would appreciate it if you still kept them on.

And for the girls? We're pretty sure drawstring and elastic waistbands were created solely for Thanksgiving so don't even bother wearing anything else. Unless it's a kaftan or a big sheet.

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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