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How We Do It

Why Joe Button?

We offer premium quality garments without the big retail markup

How we do it

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    We source the finest wools and cottons in this season’s most popular shades, weaves and patterns as well as keeping an essential collection that stands the test of time.

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    Our expert tailors use exactly the same techniques and technology when constructing our garments as most high-end designers. Every garment is custom made to your design and size preferences. 

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    Our products get shipped directly from our tailors to your doorstep so you save on the costs of warehousing and middlemen. You can also check out our products by making an appointment at our showroom.

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    Once you've ordered from us, your measurements will be saved for future purchases. So if you've bulked up or slimmed down, simply log in and change that bicep or chest measurement. 


Premium quality fabrics

The wool cloth that we use for all our business and formal suits is Australian Merino wool which is renowned for its fineness, temperature regulation properties and breathability.  


It's all in the details

The quality of a suit is often only seen in the finer details. We do a number of things from hand stitching the jacket arm to the shoulder seam for greater mobility as well as sewing a shank button to create a formal finish. We also hand-set the collar of the jacket in order to reinforce the collar felt which prevents the collar from rolling upwards. 


Fit and construction

We understand that the construction of a suit determines how it sits and drapes on the body. All our jackets are made with a half canvassed construction to create that natural drape across the chest as well as extending the lifespan of the garment. 



Every little detail can be customised to your style, from selecting the colour of the lapel buttonhole to picking the colour of the buttons on your suit to match your favourite shoes. We know from experience that it's the little things that will make a big impact.