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5 Ways to Wear a Denim or Chambray Shirt

Posted by Joe Button on

Chambray, or light denim, has been a staple in men’s wardrobes since the sixteenth century. Developed in Cambrai, France, this fabric is a lightweight, plain weave cotton cloth making it perfect for layering or sweltering summer nights. Not only is chambray both comfortable and versatile, it has an effortlessly stylish feel to it. There are countless ways to wear and pair your favourite chambray, but let’s take a look at some of our picks.

1. Super casual

Whether you’re running errands or headed to the movies with your girlfriend, there are a few ways to casually wear a chambray shirt. Throw on your favourite cotton v-neck, dark denim jeans and worn in Chuck Taylors. Be careful with your denim though. You want to avoid jean on jean completely, so go for a couple shades darker or opt for corduroys or chinos. Also perfect for a day at the beach, throw your chambray shirt over khaki shorts, sandals and a pair of aviators to tie the look together.

2. Messy

We get this look straight from David Beckham, so you know it has to be sexy. The best part about chambray shirts is their ability to scream both comfort and style. Wear this to the airport with rolled sleeves, a partial tuck and undone buttons. Style it up by adding a couple of your favourite accessories like a watch, necklace, or beanie a la Beckham.

3. Full tuck

This is appropriate for brunch with you girlfriend’s Mum or casual Fridays at the office. Full tuck, paired with khakis or dark corduroy and you’re good to go. We love this worn with desert boots or a fresh pair of Converse sneakers. Don’t forget the accessories – chambray looks great with a nice pair of sunglasses or a rugged bracelet.

4. Suit

This may come as a surprise, but wearing a slim fit chambray underneath a suit is one of our favourite styles. This adds a more laid back feel but the added suit still keeps it dressed up. Chambray is a great alternative to your classic work shirt and will give your outfit a major style bonus.

5. Grey / Coloured Chambray

While this shirt can be interchanged with the above styles, we think coloured chambray deserved its own look. Plus, you can easily avoid that dreaded “Canadian tuxedo” or denim on denim look by wearing a coloured chambray. Grey chambray with black buttons is an awesome choice or opt for a dark navy chambray shirt which can be worn with countless pants. Plus, if you’re a chambray fanatic like us, diving into colours can be a great way to expand your collection.

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